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Workforce development

RRCA has formed a new partnership with Consilium Research & Consulting, based on Tyneside, to develop the workforce development strand of research. During 2012-13 we have examined the role of the arts in social care, for the Skills for Care Council (SfC).  


To find out more about the research, which has an important resonance for person centred working and trends in modern social care training and practice, visit the Consilium website.


The work with Consilium builds on previous research to investigate the role and position of Personal Assistants with colleagues Peter Fletcher Associates, up the road from us on the A69 in rural Northumberland.


Commissioned and published by the NEIEP in 2011, the report on the research is still very current. It describes amongst other things how personalisation is unfolding in the north east of England including the changing role for family carers and for traditional social care staff who want to work for individual service users.  

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