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Riseborough Research & Consultancy Associates

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We offer high quality research and consultancy


  • Qualitative and quantitative studies including observation, one to one interviewing, focus groups, appraisals, evaluations and large scale surveys 

  • Advice to government departments and organisations on trends, policy and practice 

  • Troubleshooting on key housing, care and support service issues 

  • Provision of training including in-house tailored courses  

  • Ability to draw on expert and experienced staff, including a network of associate colleagues and partners 

  • Work delivered in the UK, Europe and developing countries 

  • Provision of administrative and organisational back up for large research and consultancy studies.


Our services include: 


  • Research

  • Problem solving for organisations

  • Editing and ghost writing for professional and Government organisations

  • Public speaking at events and conferences

  • Training.


Our areas of specialism include:


  • Housing, care and support services for older people including expert knowledge of extra care and sheltered housing  

  • Regeneration and older age  

  • Integrating housing, health and care for adults

  • Strategic commissioning

  • Creating forward looking person centered services including developing integrated assistive technology and community alarm services

  • Developing partnerships and work across the voluntary and community sectors

  • Consulting and involving the public and consumers in decision making

  • Issues affecting Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities

  • Supporting People

  • Rural issues and communities

  • Carrying out small area studies including parish plans and village appraisals

  • Equalities monitoring

  • Assisting organisations to present their evidence and material for different audiences

  • Training in and advice on research and research methods.