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Recent publications, including chapters in peer reviewed books


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2008). Towards an Ageing Society. Evaluation report of hact’s Older People’s Programme. London. Hact.


Riseborough M (2006). “Housing Care and Supporting People” in Housing Policy in the UK, Murie A and Mullins D (Eds). Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan.  ISBN 0-333-69349-3 (PBK) ISBN 0-333-71705-8 (HBK)


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2006) “Housing and the Ageing Population” in Building on the Past. Visions of Housing Futures, Malpass P and Cairncross L (Eds). Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan.  ISBN  13978-186134-751-0


Riseborough M (2005). Beyond Welfare. Who Pays for the Baby Boomers? In Future Care@ Home. London. Department of Health, CSIP. (Electronic)


Riseborough M and Jones A (2005). Assessing Quality of Life in Specialist Housing. York. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.  ISBN 10: 1-85935-307 X ISBN 13: 07818593530 73



Recent official reports and other official outputs


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2008). Towards a Common Currency. New Descriptions for Sheltered and Supported Housing. London. The Housing Corporation.


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2006 and 2007) Various outputs that contributed to the Raising the Stakes project including a revised questionnaire that enables the EAC to collect better information about the full range of specialist housing for older people. To see the outputs go to www.extracarehousing.org.uk/resources  (Electronic)


Riseborough M and Gillie D (2006). Building on experience. Good Development frameworks and Getting the Most from Assistive Technology and Community Alarms. “Paper 1. The Context”. (Electronic) and “Paper 2. The Ideal Model and Getting There.”  For the papers and more about the programme, which was sponsored by the Department of Health and the North East Regional Centre for Excellence see www.curs.bham.ac.uk/Research/CICG/Consul2491.htm  (Electronic)



Recent consultancy outputs


Riseborough M. March 2009. Presentation for Lifetime Homes and Lifetime Neighbourhoods local conference in Telford. For Telford and Wrekin Council.


Riseborough M. (March 2009). Short report on a discussion by experts on challenges of implementing personalisation and extra care housing.  For Housing 21, London.


Riseborough M and Jones A. (2008) Papers prepared for and notes from facilitated discussions with consumers for West Kent Housing Association to help the Association plan better services for older people in the future.


Riseborough M and Davies K (May 2008). Report on a Strategic Review of Telford and Wrekin Supporting People Funded Community Alarm Services. For Telford and Wrekin Council.  


Riseborough M and Jones A (August 2007). Towards a Strategy for Older People’s Services. Report on Consultations with People Using Support Services Provided by Family Housing Association (Wales).


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (July 2007). Older People. A Major Market Opportunity. A Review for the Places for People Group.


Riseborough M (October 2006). Report on a Strategic Review of Supporting People Funded Services for Older People in Kent.


Riseborough M and Mullins D (May 2006). A PEST Review and Forecasting the Future. For the Anchor Trust Group.


Riseborough M and Davies K. (2006) Briefings for Help the Aged on Policy Change and Impacts. Presentation “Senior Citizens, Cash and the Community”


Riseborough M, Davies K and Cope J (2006-7). Developing Specifications and Preparing the Ground for a Whole Systems Older People’s Strategy. Consultancy for Walsall MBC.


Riseborough M and Davies K (2006). Report. Towards a Housing, Care and Support Strategy for South Tyneside.  For South Tyneside MBC.


Riseborough M (September 2005). Commentary on Best Practice in Extra Care Provision. A Paper for the East Riding of Yorkshire’s Extra Care Scrutiny Committee.


Riseborough M (February 2006). Care and Support Technology Strategy for Telford and Wrekin.


Riseborough M (September 2005). Developing an Assistive Technology Strategy for Telford and Wrekin. A Briefing Paper for Telford and Wrekin Council.


Riseborough M and Jones A (2005). Report on a Consultation with Service Users and Relatives for Accord Housing Association.


Riseborough M (for CURS) with PFA (August 2005). Review Of Durham County Council’s Plans for Phase 2 of IMSOP (Investing in Modern Services for Older People).