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Publications including chapters in peer reviewed books


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Official reports and other official outputs


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2004 and 2003). Fact sheet 1. Extra Care Housing -  What is it?  Department of Health, Housing LIN. See http://www.icn.csip.org.uk/housing/index.cfm?pid=521&catalogueContentID=1633 (Electronic)


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Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2004) Strategic Moves. Thinking, Planning and Delivering Differently. Strategic Commissioning for Older People’s Services. A Workbook. London, Department of Health Housing Learning and Improvement Network.  (No ISBN)


See also the DVD for Strategic Moves. For the workbook and DVD go to http://www.icn.csip.org.uk/housing/index.cfm?pid=411


Riseborough M and Jenkins C (2004) Now You See Me Now You Don’t. How Are Older Citizens Being Included in Regeneration? London, Age Concern England.


Riseborough M (2001). Scoping paper: Looking Ahead to 2025. A Vision for ‘Healthy’ Models linking Housing and Care and Ways People Pay for It. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Task Group on Housing, Care and money for Older People. York. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.





Consultancy outputs


Riseborough M and Jones A (2004). Report on a Strategic and Operational Review of Community Alarm Services for Durham and Districts Supporting People Partnership.


Riseborough M and Fletcher P (2003). Developing Older People’s Services. A Consultancy for North Warwickshire.


PFA (Peter Fletcher Associates) and CURS (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies with Riseborough M for CURS). August 2002. A Housing, Care and Support Strategy for Older People in County Durham. Produced for Durham Country Council and strategic partners.


Fletcher P, Jenkins C, Riseborough M et al (2002). Caring for Our Own – and Others Who Live in Our Communities: A Supported Housing Strategy for Liverpool.  Produced for Liverpool City Council.