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About us

RRCA is a research and consultancy organisation founded by well-known academic researcher Moyra Riseborough, formerly at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS), the University of Birmingham, where she remains an honorary lecturer. The company was established in 1999.


RRCA trades as a coproduction enterprise. Our employees and associates follow the British Sociological Association code of ethics. The company is suitably insured for public and corporate liability and also carries adequate indemnity against foreseeable risks.




In addition to long standing partnerships with Peter Fletcher Associates, DG Consulting, Orbit Charitable Trust and Accord Housing, we have added in recent years:



Our team


Moyra Riseborough, BSc (Hons), MPhil, has worked in social research for over 25 years. Moyra has an established reputation and a good track record for producing high quality applied research and focused problem solving training particularly for policy makers and organisations engaged in housing, care and support provision.


Her academic training brings a rigour and robustness to RRCA research, consultancy and training. She has special interests in older age, the changing nature of social care and housing organisations and the third sector.


Moyra was formerly an academic at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS), the University of Birmingham and is now an Honorary Lecturer at CURS.


She has also advised Governments, local authorities and numerous housing and social care organisations. She has also been a board member of some prominent organisations and is active in her local community.


Moyra's LinkedIn profile


Muriel Barron is Company Secretary, training and research organiser. Muriel previously worked for one of the largest housing associations in the country and has over 25 years experience as an organiser and administrative supremo. For RRCA, she project manages large projects and provides expert organisational support.


Marion Mitchinson joined RRCA in 2012 and first took a lead on the research organisation for the work with NEF to evaluate the London Rebuilding Society's Home Improvement Scheme. Marion has successfully organised a number of research events since then and has proven to have terrier-like qualities, which we like very much!


Steve Riseborough, Moyra's son, is a copywriter, researcher, journalist and content specialist. Steve works on projects involving interviewing, written communication and online communication. Steve's Linkedin profile.


RRCA works with a range of experienced and expert associates. They include Adrian Jones, a widely published researcher and a current member of the Communities and Local Government Housing and Communities Analysis Expert Panel, Denise Gillie, a housing and health consultant, Steve Ongeri, formerly a senior Policy Analyst at the Housing Corporation and Professor David Mullins of CURS at the University of Birmingham.