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RRCA has agreed to evaluate an innovative project for the Centre for Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle University. More details will follow soon.


RRCA has also agreed to work with Orbit Charitable Trust on a sequel to the research conducted for them in 2010-12: Housing and care for the most vulnerable older people. What can social housing providers and older peoples' organisations do together? 


Our latest research on cohousing


There are two sequels to the 2013 action research report on cohousing by Moyra Riseborough, Exploring the possibility of change, commissioned by the University of Newcastle, the Newcastle Quality of Life Partnership and Newcastle Elders Council and funded as a Beacon Project by Newcastle University.


The first, Cohousing: A conversation starter for how we want to live our later lives, was commissioned in a user-friendly style by the Newcastle Quality of Life Project. It focuses on the creative methods used in the cohousing research, which encouraged participants to come up with very different approaches to thinking about their later lives.


The research also found there is a deep interest in self-help and many people are interested because they want to give mutual support to friends and neighbours. In these austere times the desire amongst people to help themselves is no bad thing is it?


However, in this latest publication there are some lessons for professionals and decision makers who need to rethink their ways of working to embrace self-help.


The second output is commissioned by the Housing LIN and will be available soon.

Welcome to RRCA

RRCA is a research and consultancy organisation founded in 1999 by well-known academic researcher Moyra Riseborough, formerly at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS), the University of Birmingham, where she remains an honorary lecturer.



Personalisation and being person centred  


Much of our current research is about personalisation and working with organisations that want to become person centred. More


Cohousing and coproduction


Exploring interest in developing cohousing groups amongst older people in Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas. More


Sustainability, social enterprise and rural communities


Work with rural communities is a consistent thread in RRCA’s work, from working with the community in Slaley to develop their Village Plan to helping The Glendale Gateway Trust consider the needs of their community. More


Workforce development 


Our new partnership with Consilium will help develop the workforce development strand of research. More

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